Pledge to support 116 students to attend schools

Please support 116 students to attend school in rural Nepal after sixteen months of school closure due to COVID-19. We recognized that Students needed basic school gear to return to school, which included School Uniforms, Bags, Shoes, and Stationery. To support these basic requirements, we are partnering with two rural schools in Nepal and providing school supplies so that students could resume their studies.
1. Chepang Pragati primary school is situated at the Raksirang Rural Municipality one of the rural Municipalities of Nepal. Currently, 77 students are studying in the primary school of which 38 are girls and 39 are boys, supported by two teachers. The school was established more than a decade ago during Nepali year 2066 BS (2009 AD). The school has already received the supplies for girls’ students and now they are requesting us to support boys’ students only.
2. Primary School Ranibang is situated in the Raksirang Rural Municipality also. Currently, 77 students are in the primary school in which 43 boys and 34 girls are supported by 4 teachers.
Raksirang Municipality is situated between the latitude of 27°32’53.19”NL between the longitude of 84°50’39.13”EL bordering Hetauda sub-metropolitan and Kailash Rural Municipality in the East, Chitwan District in the West, Manhari Rural Municipality in South, Kailash Rural Municipality and Dhading District in the North.
Following are the list of school supplies for 116 students in two schools.
1. School Uniforms
2. School Bag
3. School Shoes:
4. School supplies exercise book, pencil, eraser and pencil cutter
Be a part of this endeavor. Your donation will go toward providing each and every Chepang student of Chepang Pragati primary school & Primary school Ranibang with school supplies and uniforms in order to bring them back to school safely.
The majority of the inhabitants are Chepangs (popularly known as Praja) in the Raksirang Rural Municipality, highly marginalized Indigenous nationalities of Nepal having separate civilization and culture. Chepang’s lifestyle, customs, and values are quite unique.
As a result, this intervention by the MAMI foundation together with other stakeholders and donors like you will support that the uninterrupted learning for crisis-affected children is ensured. About 116 students will be back at their school after almost sixteen months of school closure and continue their learning. MAMI foundation aims to promote education for sustainable development.

MAMI Foundation has helped Rakshirang Hospital during COVID-19 surge

From Corona Virus Delta variant, Nepal saw huge surge on COVID Cases. Rakshirang municipality opened the 28-bed hospital to support COVID patients. Rakshirang Hospital had approached MAMI Foundation for their generous support.

MAMI Foundation has handed over following hospital supplier to support COVID relief effort

  1. Stand Fan – 12 pics
  2. Wheelchair – 1 pic
  3. Stool for Patient caretaker – 12 pics
  4. Bench for Patient caretaker – 6 pics
  5. Foot stool – 2 pics

During the small function organized on 21st Jul 2021, while handing hospital supplies to the ward chairperson Mr. Ram Krishna Malla, he appreciated MAMI Foundation’s effort providing COVID support to the hospital facilities. He was overwhelmingly happy and thankful to MAMI Foundation.

MAMI Foundation distributes blankets in Raksirang Rural Municipality ward # 2 Nepal as possible ‘coldwave’ time is approaching.

In Raksirang Rural Municipality where people are severely exposed to the elements and have little or no access to warm clothes or humanitarian support. Many of their houses were weak and fragile and they are living in slum-like conditions.

MAMI Foundation has provided 57 households of ward number two with one blanket for each of the households on 29th November 2020. These blankets were received from Satya Sai Kendra, Lalitpur to MAMI Foundation as MAMI has such access to the rural poor residing in the remote areas.

The temperatures are dropping to seven degrees during the day and four at night but it feels worse because of the thick fog, which prevents sunlight. The problem is not the temperature in itself but the lack of proper clothing, bedding, fuel and housing among these extremely poor communities. We can see little children with bare feet and legs shivering in the cold. Blankets will definitely help but the extreme poverty and inequality needs long term solutions.

Ram Krishna Praja, a ward chairperson added” Chepang communities have very poor clothing and housing. Many of the houses have no or broken walls or doors. Many houses are made of stone in mud mortar with thatched roofs. In this scenario Blanket will help our families a lot to keep children warm during the night time”

MAMI Foundation has helped to reopen Chepang Pragati primary school during COVID-19

With your generous support about 100 students are back in the Praja Pragati Primary school after eight months long school closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic at Maisirang, Raksirang-8, Makwanpur, Nepal.

MAMI Foundation has handed over two water tanks each containing 500 liters in capacity with necessary hardware for sanitary fittings on 29th November 2020 to the ward chairperson Mr. Ram Krishna Praja. He was overwhelmingly happy and thankful to MAMI Foundation.

He said “ MAMI foundation is the first organization to be at the school premises in order to support reopening of school after 8 months we are thankful for its kind support”

Your donations enabled each and every Chepang students of Praja Pragati primary school with drinking water and hand washing facilities, which will protect them from COVID -19 spread.

Children who are in general good health are supposed to wash their hands regularly.  This provides source control, meaning it keeps the virus from being transmitted to others if they are infected and are not aware that they are infected.

During the small function organized while handing over water tanks headmaster of the School Mr. Dev Praja appreciated MAMI Foundation’s effort providing potable drinking water and the hand washing facilities.

He said “ It would not be possible to reopen school without adequate drinking water and hand washing facilities during COVID-19, Thanks MAMI for its thoughtfulness”.

MAMI Foundation has provided support to bring about 500 student back in their schools safely

It is our pleasure to let you know all that MAMI foundation has supported about 500 students of three schools including 20 teachers with basic apparatus to protect children and teachers from COVID such as mask, sanitizer, and adequate number of soaps and the thermal guns in Ward # 2 schools at Raksirang Rural Municipality.

  1. Praja Pragati Basic School, at Kuduley was established in 2037 BS (1980 AD) having 286 students in which 142 are girls and 144 are boys and supported by 9 teachers.
  2. Thumki Primary school, at Sarikhet was established in 2041 BS (1984 AD) having 116 students in which 50 are girls and 66 are boys and supported by 6 teachers.
  3. Jana Jagriti Primary School, at Barahitar was established in 2061 BS (2004 AD) having 62 students 32 are girls and 30 are boys supported by 2 teachers.

On 29th November 2020 amidst the small function at the Raksirang Municipality office premises MAMI Foundation handed over support items to Mr. Pradeep Parajuli head of the education department of Raksirang Municipality and the vice mayor of the Municipality Ms. Nirmala Himdung further handed over support materials to the respective representative present at the distribution function.

The Education Department chief of the Municipality thanked MAMI Foundation for its kind and generous support for three schools. He further added “ We are really grateful to MAMI as MAMI has supported us to ensure that children are back in school as it is rehabilitation of child rights enabling children to continue their education.

Similarly, Vice Mayor Nirmala Himdung said “ We very much appreciate right kind of support a safety materials to children at a right time” she further added that she is happy that the MAMI Foundation is supporting vulnerable children representing a marginalized chepang community keeping everyone in loop and maintaining organizational  transparency.

Relief distribution during COVID-19 Pandemic (Campaign)

The rampant global pandemic has suspended almost every aspect of our lives, including our daily routines. It seems like the world has come to a standstill. In Nepal, almost all major and minor business in every sector have stopped their operations due to the lockdown measures. The economic slowdown has forced some non-essential businesses into closure. During this time, the ones who suffer the most are those dependent on daily wages to feed themselves and their family.

To support these vulnerable people and provide aid during this crucial time MAMI worked with officials to identify 165 families who were in dire need of help. We provided food packages at Maisirang VDC, overall 15 kilograms of rice, 2 kilograms of lentils, 1 kilogram of salt, oil and soap was provided for each family.

We are very grateful to be able to our part in supporting our community and aim to expand our reach during these trying times.

Education Aid for a community school in Maisirang

Maisirang is a small village in the Rakshirang Rural Municipality which lies within the Makwanpur district. The population of Maisirang is consists of the most disadvantaged and marginalized indigenous groups who are commonly referred to as ‘the chepangs. Extreme and rising poverty has led to poor literacy and income opportunities. There are no higher education facitilies available within the village and most students have to travel between 2 to 3 hours to attend higher education institutes. Furthermore, the primary schools which are available lacks key educational equipment and trained teachers. Many children drop out of education at a young age due to the lack of supplies and also due to the burden of having to provide financially for their family’s livelihood.

This is a complex and widespread issue, therefore in order to tackle this MAMI has decided to focus on one school initially and provide educational aide to them. The school chosen is the Shree Chepang Pragati Primary School, we will provide this school with essential tools like stationery and notebooks once every three months. MAMI has also appointed trained and qualified teachers and volunteers to ensure that the quality of education provided to the children in this school improves and remains consistent. Our team will conduct annual supervision of the school and coordinate with the local heads and the school departments to ensure that the children are receiving good education which will help them access future opportunities and their basic needs are satisfied.

COVID-19 Awareness Program (Campaign)

MAMI Foundation in collaboration with local government bodies launched an awareness program. The motivation behind the program was to raise the awareness about safety measures and risks concerning COVID-19 amongst the general population. In order to do this, we distributed leaflets which included advice and essential practices that need to be followed by everyone during this pandemic. We also distributed hand sanitizers and masks which are essential tools in preventing the spread of the virus. Making the community aware and ensuring their safety is one of MAMI’s main agenda during the pandemic.

School Health Screening Program:

Schools are an ideal place to learn and grow. Children aged between 6-15 years spend most of their time in schools, including those from the vulnerable segment of the population. Therefore, MAMI decided to use schools as a platform to improve the health and learning conditions of young people. Although, school-based health programs are not a new concept it is something that is not widely available in Nepal.

Global experiences link the success of school-based health programs with the partnership between organisations and various departments and agencies like Education, Health and Environment. Effective programs will transform schools into a child-friendly environment and contribute significantly to promote education and healthcare for all.

MAMI Foundation once again worked with Tika Vidhyashram Higher Secondary school to launch a health screening program. Tika Vidhyashram is a community school, it mainly consists children who come from low economic backgrounds. According to the Principal of this school, majority of the students are domestic workers and thus many are deprived of their basic rights regarding healthcare. In collaboration with Patan Hospital in Lalitpur, MAMI launched a program. The purpose of this health screening program is to identify and address individual health concerns of the students at Tika Vidyashram. We provided curative, referral and follow-up services to the students through confidential medical check-ups. Final screening results were provided to the guardians of each student and necessary recommended action was taken where required to improve the health of students. Teachers were asked to regularly follow up the health status of children.

MAMI Foundation has committed to conducting biannual health screening programs at Tika Vidhyashram in order to improve the health of all the children there. We strongly believe in the notion that healthy youth builds a healthy nation. Soon we aim to expand our reach to other schools.