Frequently asked questions

At MAMI Foundation we believe education is not a privilege for the few but a basic human right for all. Therefore, our main mission is to promote education and provide programs that support the children of all backgrounds and give them a chance to create a sustainable livelihood by promoting young adolescents learning and skill development, by providing platforms to provide opinion, lead change and provide employment pathways through vocational training.

All contributions are valued, and they can come in any form. Volunteers and donators can contribute in various ways such as supporting a school student by regularly writing to them or providing key educational equipment like stationery. You can also select a specific school to support through our foundation and make various contributions to it such as providing a child with school uniforms, sponsoring the education of a child or their daily meals at school.

So far MAMI has effectively supported around 400 students all over Nepal with education tools and health facilities. We continue to actively scout for more underfunded schools and create projects to reach as many students and children as possible.

The ultimate goal of MAMI is to create self-sustainable economic growth to improve the living standards of many across Nepal. The most important tool to do this is education – equipping students with education and transferrable skills will make them more confident in accessing opportunities in the future. We want to create a generation of individuals who have equal access to education and future opportunities. No one should be discriminated against for reasons they cannot control.

MAMI is a not for profit organisation. The bulk of the funding comes from private sponsors and then altruistic donors and volunteers.