MAMI Foundation has helped Rakshirang Hospital during COVID-19 surge

MAMI Foundation has helped Rakshirang Hospital during COVID-19 surge

From Corona Virus Delta variant, Nepal saw huge surge on COVID Cases. Rakshirang municipality opened the 28-bed hospital to support COVID patients. Rakshirang Hospital had approached MAMI Foundation for their generous support.

MAMI Foundation has handed over following hospital supplier to support COVID relief effort

  1. Stand Fan – 12 pics
  2. Wheelchair – 1 pic
  3. Stool for Patient caretaker – 12 pics
  4. Bench for Patient caretaker – 6 pics
  5. Foot stool – 2 pics

During the small function organized on 21st Jul 2021, while handing hospital supplies to the ward chairperson Mr. Ram Krishna Malla, he appreciated MAMI Foundation’s effort providing COVID support to the hospital facilities. He was overwhelmingly happy and thankful to MAMI Foundation.


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