MAMI Foundation has helped to reopen Chepang Pragati primary school during COVID-19

MAMI Foundation has helped to reopen Chepang Pragati primary school during COVID-19

With your generous support about 100 students are back in the Praja Pragati Primary school after eight months long school closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic at Maisirang, Raksirang-8, Makwanpur, Nepal.

MAMI Foundation has handed over two water tanks each containing 500 liters in capacity with necessary hardware for sanitary fittings on 29th November 2020 to the ward chairperson Mr. Ram Krishna Praja. He was overwhelmingly happy and thankful to MAMI Foundation.

He said “ MAMI foundation is the first organization to be at the school premises in order to support reopening of school after 8 months we are thankful for its kind support”

Your donations enabled each and every Chepang students of Praja Pragati primary school with drinking water and hand washing facilities, which will protect them from COVID -19 spread.

Children who are in general good health are supposed to wash their hands regularly.  This provides source control, meaning it keeps the virus from being transmitted to others if they are infected and are not aware that they are infected.

During the small function organized while handing over water tanks headmaster of the School Mr. Dev Praja appreciated MAMI Foundation’s effort providing potable drinking water and the hand washing facilities.

He said “ It would not be possible to reopen school without adequate drinking water and hand washing facilities during COVID-19, Thanks MAMI for its thoughtfulness”.


There is still low access to quality schooling, learning opportunities, and safe environments in rural Nepal. Different projects undertaken by MAMI Foundation can help children and their families to explore different opportunities to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth by increasing their chance for better employment through education. Your contribution to the MAMI Foundation will support the education and healthcare of rural and underprivileged children (especially girls) in remote areas of Nepal.