MAMI Foundation has provided support to bring about 500 student back in their schools safely

MAMI Foundation has provided support to bring about 500 student back in their schools safely

It is our pleasure to let you know all that MAMI foundation has supported about 500 students of three schools including 20 teachers with basic apparatus to protect children and teachers from COVID such as mask, sanitizer, and adequate number of soaps and the thermal guns in Ward # 2 schools at Raksirang Rural Municipality.

  1. Praja Pragati Basic School, at Kuduley was established in 2037 BS (1980 AD) having 286 students in which 142 are girls and 144 are boys and supported by 9 teachers.
  2. Thumki Primary school, at Sarikhet was established in 2041 BS (1984 AD) having 116 students in which 50 are girls and 66 are boys and supported by 6 teachers.
  3. Jana Jagriti Primary School, at Barahitar was established in 2061 BS (2004 AD) having 62 students 32 are girls and 30 are boys supported by 2 teachers.

On 29th November 2020 amidst the small function at the Raksirang Municipality office premises MAMI Foundation handed over support items to Mr. Pradeep Parajuli head of the education department of Raksirang Municipality and the vice mayor of the Municipality Ms. Nirmala Himdung further handed over support materials to the respective representative present at the distribution function.

The Education Department chief of the Municipality thanked MAMI Foundation for its kind and generous support for three schools. He further added “ We are really grateful to MAMI as MAMI has supported us to ensure that children are back in school as it is rehabilitation of child rights enabling children to continue their education.

Similarly, Vice Mayor Nirmala Himdung said “ We very much appreciate right kind of support a safety materials to children at a right time” she further added that she is happy that the MAMI Foundation is supporting vulnerable children representing a marginalized chepang community keeping everyone in loop and maintaining organizational  transparency.


There is still low access to quality schooling, learning opportunities, and safe environments in rural Nepal. Different projects undertaken by MAMI Foundation can help children and their families to explore different opportunities to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth by increasing their chance for better employment through education. Your contribution to the MAMI Foundation will support the education and healthcare of rural and underprivileged children (especially girls) in remote areas of Nepal.