School Health Screening Program:

School Health Screening Program:

Schools are an ideal place to learn and grow. Children aged between 6-15 years spend most of their time in schools, including those from the vulnerable segment of the population. Therefore, MAMI decided to use schools as a platform to improve the health and learning conditions of young people. Although, school-based health programs are not a new concept it is something that is not widely available in Nepal.

Global experiences link the success of school-based health programs with the partnership between organisations and various departments and agencies like Education, Health and Environment. Effective programs will transform schools into a child-friendly environment and contribute significantly to promote education and healthcare for all.

MAMI Foundation once again worked with Tika Vidhyashram Higher Secondary school to launch a health screening program. Tika Vidhyashram is a community school, it mainly consists children who come from low economic backgrounds. According to the Principal of this school, majority of the students are domestic workers and thus many are deprived of their basic rights regarding healthcare. In collaboration with Patan Hospital in Lalitpur, MAMI launched a program. The purpose of this health screening program is to identify and address individual health concerns of the students at Tika Vidyashram. We provided curative, referral and follow-up services to the students through confidential medical check-ups. Final screening results were provided to the guardians of each student and necessary recommended action was taken where required to improve the health of students. Teachers were asked to regularly follow up the health status of children.

MAMI Foundation has committed to conducting biannual health screening programs at Tika Vidhyashram in order to improve the health of all the children there. We strongly believe in the notion that healthy youth builds a healthy nation. Soon we aim to expand our reach to other schools.


There is still low access to quality schooling, learning opportunities, and safe environments in rural Nepal. Different projects undertaken by MAMI Foundation can help children and their families to explore different opportunities to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth by increasing their chance for better employment through education. Your contribution to the MAMI Foundation will support the education and healthcare of rural and underprivileged children (especially girls) in remote areas of Nepal.