Dr. Kedar Baral

“A NGO that truly works for the betterment of the rural society with a vison to uplift the education of underprivileged children considering them as the future of our country. My good wishes to this Foundation to continue reaching out to the children who needs them the most.”

Dr. Bijay Thapa

“I had a chance to work with this foundation which happened  to be a great achievement for my community oriented program ideas. They have simple programs with big impacts on the community population. Hope to be continued with such programs.”

Bimala Devi Lamichhane

“The Nepal government sets aside minimal fees for a public institution serving secondary level education (as low as Rs.2000 per year including free meals). However, many of the children in these programs drop out of the school systems permanently due to lack of basic necessities. To see these children denied of what is a fundamental human right to the rest of us is heart-breaking.

Currently, we are working to make education accessible to the poorest of the poor children and empower them to break the cycle of poverty and to become resourceful citizens. However, our resources are limited, and we often fall short in this regard.

To support the mission, MAMI Foundations’ help has been incredible to us. I want to thank MAMI Foundation for their help which is already making huge difference in the lives of the children. We are grateful”