Support reintegration of 500 children of three schools in the rural Nepal during COVID 19 crisis   |   Ward #2, Raksirang, Makwanpur


A child’s right to education does not cease when an emergency begins; ensuring access to uninterrupted and quality learning for children is fundamental however COVID-19 has been declared a pandemic by the WHO. People from all walks of life have been hit very hard especially children. After 8 months of school closure reopening of school in Nepal has just begun. You can be a part of this endeavor. Be a part of it.

Surya Bahadur Moktan, elected leader of the ward # 2 representing political party along with parents and locals, plan to reopen school and reintegration of those children out of school back to schools again


Ensuring safety and wellbeing of the children is primary while reopening schools. Basic gears such as masks, water supplies, hand washing facilities, soaps, sanitizers and the thermal guns to monitor temperature has become prerequisites for schools reopening as everyone needs to be assured of the safety of children in schools keeping close coordination among teachers, parents and all other stakeholders. The government cannot alone provide all apparatus to schools so we need to chip in with whatever means possible. Here your donation will play a big part in bringing back students at school.


We are supporting 500 students including 20 teachers with basic apparatus to protect from COVID such as mask, sanitizer, and adequate number of soaps and the thermal guns in Ward # 2 schools at Raksirang Rural Municipality. Raksirang Municipality is situated between latitude of 27°32’53.19”NL between longitude of 84°50’39.13”EL bordering Hetauda sub metropolitan and Kailash Rural Municipality in the East, Chitwan District in the West, Manhari Rural Municipality in South, Kailash Rural Municipality and Dhading District in the North.

We are experienced in supporting the poorest and most vulnerable communities in Nepal, mostly deprived families and children residing in the remote villages. As a part of cluster support, for this cluster, we are supporting three schools. All schools are in ward # 2* of Raksirang Municipality.

1. Praja Pragati Basic School, at Kuduley was established in 2037 BS (1980 AD) having 286 students in which 142 are girls and 144 are boys and supported by 9 teachers.

2. Thumki Primary school, at Sarikhet was established in 2041 BS (1984 AD) having 116 students in which 50 are girls and 66 are boys and supported by 6 teachers.

3. Jana Jagriti Primary School, at  Barahitar was established in 2061 BS (2004 AD) having 62 students 32 are girls and 30 are boys supported by 2 teachers.

Majority of the inhabitants are Chepangs(popularly known as Praja) in the Raksirang Rural Municipality, a highly marginalized Indigenous nationalities of Nepal having separate civilization and culture. Chepang’s lifestyle, customs and values are quite unique.

As a result, this intervention by MAMI foundation together with other stakeholders and donors like you  will secure uninterrupted learning for crisis affected children.   About 500 students will be back at their school after almost 8 months of school closure and continue their learning.  MAMI foundation aims to promote education for sustainable development.

*Ward- A ward is a local authority area and the lowest administrative division, typically used for electoral purposes population ranging from 7000 to 12000